Surprises, surprises.

So last night I saw The Joggers, Kiss Me Deadly, and Voxtrot perform. Though I was primarily there to film Voxtrot’s set, I attentively watched The Joggers and Kiss Me Deadly. I’ve seen The Joggers play a few venues here and there, and last night they were on key. Kiss Me Deadly blew me away. I’ve had their new album for a couple months, but I sort of failed to see what the hype was about. Now I know. Quite amazing if you can ever watch them live (the guitarist has some interesting effects). Emily (the lead singer) even came out in the suit as seen in the photo above (she apparently lost a bet and has been wearing it for their past 50 shows).

I’ve decided to upload a couple songs from each band for everyone to sample since I had such a lovely time last night. I will have a video for Voxtrot once I show it to them, so sit tight. I might even have a live set available if it came alright through my minidisc.

And I might have a huge surprise coming up for Noisepop. I’ll let you know the details if and when it happens.

• Voxtrot – “Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Wives
• The Joggers – “Horny Ghost
• Kiss Me Deadly – “Dance 4
• Kiss Me Deadly – “Distress Call


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  1. ugo

    god, i cannot believe your files are all well tagged and renamed.thanks a lot.

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