“I think of you on cold winter mornings.”

To my surprise, I got the new Guillemots disc in the mail yesterday from some very nice people. I’ve been listening to some of the singles like “Trains to Brazil” and “We’re Here” pretty heavily for the past month or so. These Londoners have my complete seal of approval. The EP is called From The Cliffs. I decided to post my two favorites tracks as well as “Trains to Brazil” (the track that everyone and their mother have been blowing about lately, and for good reason). The last track is just a solo piano version of one of the band’s song that can downloaded from their website. Its about as minimalist and you can get, yet still a great song. Grab it if the first 3 tracks aren’t enough to satiate you. The frontman’s name is Fyfe Dangerfield. Thats sooo bad ass. But if you’re not as juvenile as me and that name itself doesn’t get you interested, the music sure will. The accented vocals, though not as heavy as I like, are quite pleasant. Amiable, if I may. The band sounds friendly, yes – friendly, without being immature or unsophisticated. It’s a very interesting combination. As for my standard disclaimer…enjoy if you’re not hip to this band yet – even though I hope you already are.

Guillemots – Made Up Love Song #43
Guillemots – Go Away
Guillemots – Trains to Brazil
Guillemots – Cold, Cool Moon

more info…
Official Site
Pre-Order From the Cliffs



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2 responses to “Guillemots

  1. Anonymous

    So I’m making my rounds of my favorite mp3 blogs and I came across this entry and went “Wait! That name sounds familiar! I’ve heard that before! And recently, too!” So I wrack my brain and my iTunes and realize that their “Trains to Brazil” single is this week’s iTunes free download of the week that I just downloaded this morning! Hooray for them!

  2. andrew2332

    Definately a great band, but they don’t seem to be stirring up the media here in the UK as much as they should be. You see bands of much inferior quality making bigger impressions than these lads’ ever will, and that’s the way I like it. Quite and unnassuming – they let the music do the talking.Thanks for posting this. Your blog is fresh air.Check out The Acid Casuals.

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