Firstly, a big thanks to Lizzy for inviting me on here, feel very privileged. Well this is the first post and so as an introduction I thought I would give you a round of up the sort of stuff I’ll be posting on by giving you a taste of the best stuff from my increasingly part-time blog Tommy Shots. New music very soon so treat this as a little taster of whats to come.

Jamie T has been commented on in the past by Lizzy but he deserves to be brought to your attention once more. This track has made its way into the top 3 played songs on my i-pod with great ease and I still love it each time. I would also highly recommend visiting his myspace to listen to new and frankly brilliant single Salvador, its really rather excellent. Great tunes from this guy and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more from him.

Jamie T – Back in the Game

Jamie T – Salvador (Video)

Roland Shanks are one of the most exciting new bands I have heard this year. The sound is undoubtedly influenced by Bloc Party but that doesn’t at all detract from how awesome this track is. If you are a fan of Bloc Party’s Banquet then you definitly want to hear this track!

Roland Shanks – August

Good Shoes have just finished touring with Be Your Own Pet and whilst I was unable to make it myself (bloody uni work!) I heard only good things. This track in particular is awesome, a little Smiths in the guitar and with some good fun lyrics. Solid song and has been on the i-pod fairly constantly for the last few months.

Good Shoes – Small Town Girl

Komakino haven’t had as much press as I would have thought after this single which blew me away. Loads of energy and a good chorus I would be really surprised if we don’t hear much more about this band and I for one hope we do soon.

Komakino – Say Something

As I said, this is all just a taster. I will be putting some new posts up soon featuring some new bands but hope these suffice for just now. Also, if anyone hears of UK bands over the pond, leave a comment and I’ll put up what I’ve got and say a word or two about how they are doing.




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2 responses to “Greetings!

  1. Thomas

    I saw Roland Shanks with Little Man Tate and they thouroughly bored me, though their fashion sense is quite good if I remember correctly.

  2. Lawrence J Jasper

    i really don’t like komakino, seen them three times in 2004. it seemed like they were going to break through but they’ve probably missed their chance now.

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