one more, and we’re done!

Adam, who also does Tommy Shots is now on the “team” as well. My exact words to him were, “We may be in over our heads with 4 writers, but we’ll see how it works.” I really don’t think it will be a problem though. I don’t think any of the guys plan on posting more than once or twice a week, so I suppose I’ll still be doing the majority of the posts. They’re great, though. Adam was one of the first guys I asked to help me out, and I’m glad he finally decided he wanted to do it. He’s from Edinburgh, Scotland and has some good insight into a lot of the up and coming UK bands. As always, welcome and enjoy him!

And for some mp3s… R.U.O.K. from Brooklyn.
I got an email from these guys the other day and was pretty interested in what I heard. They’ve got potential. Best of all, they’ve put up the whole album for download. Too nice of them.

R.U.O.K. – Vacant Stations
R.U.O.K. – The Architect
R.U.O.K. – Blueprints
R.U.O.K. – We Watched You Walk In
R.U.O.K. – Kiss or Kill

if you like what you hear, download the rest of the album courtesy of the band.

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