acoustic Coldplay

“I want you to know that you always get your way.”

No, I’m not too cool to post Coldplay. Just thought I’d post up a few acoustic tracks. Three of the tracks are from Parachutes, which is undoubtedly my favorite album by the band. There’s one from A Rush of Blod to the Head as well as an extra track called “See You Soon.” I’m sure more than half of you will already have these or something similar, but to those that don’t…I work for you. Enjoy.

Coldplay – See You Soon (acoustic)

Coldplay – Shiver (acoustic)
Coldplay – Trouble (acoustic)
Coldplay – Yellow (acoustic)
Coldplay – The Scientist (acoustic)

You guys have been quiet the last few days. Thats no fun…



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5 responses to “acoustic Coldplay

  1. Anonymous

    thanks for these!

  2. mjh

    Ta – lovely recordings and a great reminder of how great Coldplay can be – are they all from KRCW or just ‘The Scientist’?

  3. supergurg

    thanks heaps for those tracks!Coldplay hate is overrated 😛

  4. c

    see you soon is from the blue room ep. it came out just before the post – never too cool for coldplay. it’s way cooler to admit you like them.🙂peace

  5. Ken

    where are the tracks from?

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