God Bless Bloc Party

Shrills ran down my spine when I witnessed Bloc Party perform a couple months back. Though it was my first time seeing Bloc Party play, I hope it isn’t my last. They definitely left a lasting impression on me, which was of course, that their live shows are amazing. Much of the crowd, including me, were going bananas. If you ever have a chance to catch them, please do; it’s an exciting and energetic experience that you’ll babble about for weeks.

I received their DVD God Bless Bloc Party a couple weeks ago, but I neglected to check it out. I popped it in today and was uber suprised at the live footage. I love the angles, crowd shots, the feel. Though not much of a documentary (there’s a ton of live footage, a bit of interviews), it’s a good watch and recommended if you’re a fan of some sort.

I’ve uploaded some audio snipets from the DVD (a live performance and an interview), as well as a Bloc Party b-side. The interview quality is a bit low, and you may have to turn up your volume to hear it. These downloads are just to tease you, go out and buy it.

• Bloc Party – Interview (from the DVD)
• Bloc Party – “Like Eating Glass (Live In Belfort)” (from the DVD)
• Bloc Party – “Storm And Stress” (B-Side)

Watch the trailer for God Bless Bloc Party here.
Purchase God Bless Bloc Party here.


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