Covers are just too cool.

Covers are just that cool.

Everyone has been posting covers lately, so I tried to steer clear of the standard (I do break my promise on a few of these though…). There will be some that a good lot of you may have, but if you don’t, here is your chance. Some are more fun than others.

Howie Day – The Drugs Don’t Work (Verve cover)
Bell X1 – Volcano (Damien Rice cover)
John Mayer – Kid A (Radiohead cover)
Steel Train – I Want You Back (Jackson 5 cover)
Steel Train – Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon & Garfunkel cover)
Mellowdrone – Again (Faith Evans cover)
Youth Group – Forever Young (Alphaville cover)
Paul Westerberg – I Think I Love You (David Cassidy cover)
Stereophonics – Don’t Let Me Down (Beatles cover)
Jamie Cullum – Lover, You Should’ve Come Over (Jeff Buckley cover)
Gatsby’s American Dream – Just Like Heaven (Cure cover)
Copeland – Another Day In Paradise (Phil Collins cover)

*Note: Steel Train is really pretty different than you hearing here.
Try to find some of their original stuff
Also, if you liked the Copeland cover, head over to
Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good to get another .

Joe is a nice guy who just started and wants you to check out whats he has been posting at Grandma’s Basement. I did.

Edit: I stand corrected, the Bell X1 track is not quite a cover. Some of the guys used to be in a band with Damien called Jupiter. Thats where the song came from.


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11 responses to “Covers are just too cool.

  1. Anonymous

    Can you upload the Bell X1 version of Volcano again? Please…I’d love to hear it.

  2. Anonymous

    Damien Rice and the main guys in Bell X1 were all in a band called Juniper. Volcano is one of the songs Rice wrote while in Juniper and both offshoots continued to do the song so in that sense it isn’t really a true Damien Rice cover.

  3. supergurg

    thanks for the covers 🙂Gurg

  4. Joe

    yeah, John Mayer is kinda of hard to listen to. He is just leaning too much on the mom rock genre. None of his songs have any edge at all. I like Clarity though.

  5. heather

    lizzy, thanks for stopping by the blog, and calling me too cool. glad you liked the replacements stuff. yay! hey, the stereophonics beatles cover seems to be down and i’d really like to have it. help? thanks.

  6. Joe

    thank you lizzy for the advertisement

  7. c

    paul westerberg covering david cassidy! that rocks. covers are always better when they totally change the tone of the song. he made that song scary.nice post.peace

  8. Ekko

    I frickin’ love Bell X1 and can’t understand why they haven’t been more popular, especially with bloggers. I’ve hyped them a couple times and no one seemed to dig them.

  9. Dance Hall Hips

    ah yes. the only john mayer song i like….wait….it’s a cover.

  10. Lizzy

    ah, i stand corrected. thanks for letting me know!

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