“Save your breath, I don’t need an answer…”

The acoustic duo shtick is all too familiar, isn’t it? We’ve heard enough of two guys and their two guitars, delivering the same old tired sound. I’ve had enough of it. Apparently, Artisan has too because they’ve opted to surrender this sound and bring something new to the table. Implied in their music is not only the ingenuity they boast as it pertains to songwriting, but also their ability to turn these seemingly simple sounds into something extraordinary. Despite the simplicity of their instruments, the band was able to develop some really enchanting, multi-layered tracks that I’m completely crazy about. Sincerely speaking, acoustic guitars and an upright bass have never sounded so good. It looks as though they’re in the process of recording some new tracks for an official release. I couldn’t be happier. Keep in mind that the provided mp3s are from the band’s AG-Style EP which are, in essence, demo tracks.

Also, lets all agree that upright bass = ridiculously cool.

Artisan – I Hold My Breath (by far my favorite track…)
Artisan – Over Soon

more info…
Official Site

Leave the boys some feedback too, I know they’d appreciate it.


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2 responses to “Artisan

  1. Mike

    upright bass is indeed cool. nice track. thanks for the mention, btw, keep up the great work.

  2. supergurg

    nice tunes – i agree in that the first one is cool 😀Gurg

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