Whether it takes a backseat or is employed as a song’s only instrument, we all dig the sweet (or in some cases not so sweet…) sounds of the piano. I put up quite a variety of different tracks, some you’ve probably heard, and some I hope you haven’t. Most of it is good stuff for a Sunday, I suppose. Make sure to check out the Bad Plus “cover” or Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” It’s incredibly interesting.

The Fray – Hundred
The Bad Plus – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Jon McLaughlin – Anthem for American Teenagers
Dropping Daylight – Back to Nowhere
Something Corporate – She Paints Me Blue
John Legend – Ordinary People
Jamie Cullum – Catch the Sun
World Leader Pretend – Bang Theory

(As always, let me know if I you want me to feature a particular artist…)

Visit Mike over at Obscure Sound, a new blog.
He’s got a Charlatans track up, so he scores points me with me.

Also, take a gander at Dance Hall Hips.
I think Jon started blogging around the time I did, right Jon?



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7 responses to “Sunday…

  1. fourteen

    i nice rendition of teen spirit i think…especially with the chorus, in expressing a kind of stylistic twisted feeling; sort of a darker, more evil, ‘twilight-zonish’ idea of teenage angst.

  2. Amy

    I’m a sucker for piano rock too (probably because it’s the only instrument I learned to play remotely well). Too bad you didn’t see Bromheads–I hope to catch them at some point…

  3. Lizzy

    yeah, all they’re stuff is pretty cool like that

  4. MyExBestFriend

    Hey Liz, Thanks for more great tracks!

  5. Rich

    Is The Fray actually any good? All I’ve seen of them is a commercial that airs on VH1 all the time. Never made me want to actually give them a chance because it seemed like Coldplay Lite. But I’m basically ignorant re: them.

  6. Dance Hall Hips

    thanks for the shout out. check out my last post. i did the same for you 🙂-jon

  7. supergurg

    cheers for the Jon McLaughlin track 🙂Gurgam checking out the others too 🙂

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