Peter Adams

“When the iron city rusts and crumbles in the sea/Tiny dots and dying leaves will hover over me”

Peter Adams is 22. He is way ahead of the game. The stuff he is creating now is something you would expect to hear him play in a good five to ten years. The music in pretty intriguing, especially when you learn about how it came into existense. From Peter himself…

I record songs using guitar, violin, voice, sine waves and drum
samples. All my songs were produced in a bedroom studio that
is really just a computer, soundcard and microphone.

I dig the sine waves, Peter.

Thanks goes out to Geoff at over at The Ugly Couch for the heads up. Check it out, its cool pop culture zine that covers movies, music and has some original articles as well.

What do you guys think? Be on the lookout for this kid.



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2 responses to “Peter Adams

  1. Anonymous

    V. cool. I also frequent The Ugly Couch, glad you got another writer.

  2. Ekko

    Pretty good for an Adams that isn’t Ryan.Come by Berkeley Place and take a listen to Rademacher, let me know what you think. I’m doing a give-away contest right now.

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