Red House Painters

“When they come around, somehow they feel up and you feel down.”

This song is absolutely perfect.

It’s all you’ll need all day.

Red House Painters – Have You Forgotten

This is the version from the Vanilla Sky sountrack. The instrumentation (which is what makes this song so beautiful is starlky different than the original version found on Songs for a Blue Guitar. Mark Kozelek, you have my attention. Whos with me on this one?



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6 responses to “Red House Painters

  1. mjh

    Finally got to see him play at a solo acoustic gig in Islington (London) last May and savoured every second. Fave song: ‘Summer Dress’.

  2. Satisfied '75


  3. MyExBestFriend

    I <>love<> RHP!

  4. jeffro

    it’s long, but it’s gorgeous – sounds a bit like some of the better Samples tunes…

  5. Lizzy

    “Mmmm, Kozelek” is so right.

  6. Aarika

    Mmmmm, Kozelek.

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