the Mermaid Purse

“I want to hear music – life’s sweet music”

Just a couple of songs for you to enjoy, no review to immerse yourself in… Just curious, are many of you even reading what I write? It’s cool if you’re not, I like doing it anyways. On to the music. I’m not quite sure how the band came up with their name, but I’m able to look past it. It’s undeniable, the Mermaid Purse writes songs that are made for the radio. Nothing groundbreaking, but the songs are definitely appealing. While I’m at it, big props to Dallas. A lot of good bands seem to be coming out of the area at the moment. So get down with Dallas. Again, it’s the weekend, and there is plenty to be done. So, I’ll leave it at that.

the Mermaid Purse – Tonight
the Mermaid Purse – Out of Reach

more info…
Official Site

(any other good Dallas bands I should know about? Fill me in.)



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3 responses to “the Mermaid Purse

  1. Ekko

    I’ve been here a couple times now and like what you do. If you want, I’d like to trade links on the blogroll.

  2. MyExBestFriend

    Not only do I read but I always like what you throw up – similar taste as usual! Thanks!

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