Living Better Electrically

“I try, love, but I don’t say anything.”

Life could be so much easier – with an electric guitar. Sometimes you just need a little pick me up, and Living Better Electrically is able to send one our way through their own brand of dynamic, spirited pop songs. These aren’t the pop songs you take to the beach with you or play with the top down as you cruise down the highway. Rather, these songs have a bit more to offer. Perhaps I’m not completely clarifying myself, but the music always does. This band – the vocals, the lyrics, the instrumentation – is eccentric. However, an overly eccentric band can easily push a listener away. LBE finds a place in between. This balance makes them listenable while still being fresh. I think you’ll like what you find. The following tracks are all available at the bands myspace, but due to myspace not being the most reliable place for downloading I decided to host them myself.

Living Better Electrically – Don’t Say Anything
Living Better Electrically – Princess, Blue
Living Better Electrically – Sun Go Down

more info…
Official Site

*fun band, huh?


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