Alt. Country Mix Part II

Before we start, and because this band is completely unrelated, head over to rbally and grab the acoustic Art Brut tracks that Jennings posted awhile back. Like I said eariler, I’m a sucker for thick accents…

Originally, the post was going to have only 6 more songs. That was a bust; the list just kept growing. Again, I hope you dig the new artists as well as some old favorites (Whiskeytown, Replacements, Paul Westerberg).

Whiskeytown – Sit and Listen to the Rain
The VerdictThese Are Dreams
Fingers Cut MegamachineMousetrap
Cuff the DukeBallad of a Lonely Construction Worker
Matt Mays & El TorpedoThe Plan
Paul WesterbergI Think I Love You (I think Cassidy has found himself a formidable opponent in Paul…?)
Griffin HouseTell Me A Lie
SpouseHarry Crooker
The ExitSoldier
The Replacements – Achin’ To Be (some more Paul for you…)

Our Band Could Be Your Life, by Michael Azerrad

Check out this book if you’re so inclined. Its got some great stories about the Replacements (as well as quite a few other bands) that are pretty interesting. It’s an especially good read if your familiar with the Minneapolis/St. Paul area as well. Michael Azerrad, in my opinion at least, is a cool guy who has done a good job compiling this book. Props Michael, I dug it.

(You know the drill. If you want to hear more by any of the bands, let me know. Its so simple. I’d be glad to do a “feature” and post some more tracks.)


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5 responses to “Alt. Country Mix Part II

  1. Steve

    Lizzy, great post, great site! Love it. Thanks for the link to Art Brut… can’t wait to see them live in the 7th Street Entry soon.

  2. Jennings

    Lizzy, great post . . . and thanks for the shout.

  3. jeffro

    i’m liking that Whiskeytown song – good choice

  4. Lizzy

    Yeah, he did do Cocaine Cowgirl. You can stream it the site I think. Its a bummer he doesn’t have anything else up for download though.

  5. molotov

    Is Matt Mays & El Torpedo the artist(s) that did the song “Cocaine Cowgirl”? I heard that song in Detroit last summer on Canadian radio. I’ve wanted to hear it again ever since. Thanks for your post.

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