Alt. Country Mix Pt. I

My King of Alt. Country

Here it is, Part I. You were all expecting at least one Ryan track, right? You have them all anyways. I do have a Whiskeytown song on part II though, I couldn’t resist. Some tracks you’ll know (maybe?) and some you won’t. I took some liberties in my alt-country classificiations, but more or less they all make sense. Enjoy, especially the Damnwells tune.
6 tracks today, and the number of tracks for tomorrow keeps growing…

High on StressYou Have Conversations With Jesus
The DamnwellsAssholes (full version)
Bo Bedingfield & the WydellesNew Years
Deadstring Brothers27 Hours
The Lonely HeartsLove Comes Quickly
Patrick ParkHonest Skrew

Again, let me know if you want to offer up some more tracks by any of the artists…?



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6 responses to “Alt. Country Mix Pt. I

  1. Anonymous

    Love Bo Bedingfield and the Wydelles – great band

  2. Jimmy Robertson

    HI!Love Come-pick-me-up! I have found many intresting band and my girlfriend have a small barclub here in Stockholm / Sweden called Springfield. Please check the website for playlists, photos and pld flyers. regard / JImmy

  3. Ekko

    dead string are f-ing fantastic. one of my favorite new bands. can’t wait for the new album

  4. Jennings

    The mix is great so far . . . keep it coming.

  5. jerry yeti

    my king of alt-country is bobby bare jr.

  6. MyExBestFriend

    The Damnwells, yee haw!

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