I’m a liar

EDIT: I noticed the links to the last 3 mp3’s on this post were taken down. If you want them, email me and i’ll get them to you.

Another Chris Strong photo. Seriously, he’s great.

Ok, I’m a liar. The site doesn’t get as much traffic as normal on Sunday, so I wanted to wait to put the so creatively titled “Alt. Country Mix Pt. 1” up tomorrow. Part II will be up on Tuesday. 6 songs each day. It’ll be good.

1) I’m working on a new header for up top. It should look great. Maybe it will be up tonight or by tomorrow.
2) Look for a Mute Math post on Wednesday with new tracks; you guys will dig them.
3) Check out I Am Fuel, You Are Friends
4) I’m going to start reviewing discs for emotionalpunk.com…any suggestions?
5) MP3s: I know that is why you’re here. So let’s do it.

Morning Theft
Always a Bridesmaid
Greater GoodThere Is Love
NizlopiFine Story (can’t help myself, thick accents are my weakness)
UniversityLittle Bit

I’ve been getting a lot of mail from bands, but since I don’t have all the much time to do any writing today, I’m just going to do my best to put up a bunch of the links I’ve been getting.

The Whigs (from Atlanta)
The Melody Function (from Lexington, KY)
The Arrogants
Ryan Smith
The Diggs (from NYC)

*if you’ve emailed me and I’ve forgotten you, please do so again, I’m definitely not trying to disclude anyone.



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2 responses to “I’m a liar

  1. jeffro

    that is a *really* cool photo

  2. heather

    Thanks for the mention, Lizzy!

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