By Divine Right

“Baby, I’m a soft machine.”

Great band name. By Divine Right: I’ve got not much to say about this band expect that they write some good, straightforward pop/rock songs. Perfect for a Saturday afternoon. The two tracks I put up are from the band’s spinART released disc called Sweet Confusion.

By Divine Right – Soft Machine
By Divine Right – I Can’t Do This By Myself

more info…
Official Site
iTunes – purchase link

*I think I might (finally) post my Alt-Country mix Pt. 1 tomorrow. Any takers?

(note: I have to put the artists name in front on the song title from now in order to make the mp3’s searchable from certain sites)



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2 responses to “By Divine Right

  1. Hannah

    alt-country? sounds like a good time. by the way, I’ve been, until now, a voiceless stalker of your blog. it’s a highlight of my web excursions.

  2. Lizzy

    a voiceless stalker. haha, im sure there’s quite a few of you. But its cool when you guys say something, thanks.

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