“It’s like hiding under water/I can’t stay here for long”

Their name actually does a good job of describing this band’s sound. They are, in fact, quite radiant (in the least corny way possible). These boys from Dallas have got a good thing going on here. Radiant is able to produce a surprisingly epic sound. Yeah, epic is bold word to use, but this band holds to it. Moving, melodic instrumentation is intrinsic to this band’s songwriting. Frontman Levi Smith’s vocals soar over the polished, sophistacted songs and are an intregral part of this band’s appeal. Any way you cut it, the songs are beautiful and Radiant should be more than just a favorite of Dallas and the surrounding area. My only complaint is that is has taken them eons to get their second release out. C’mon boys, I’ve been waiting. I included two songs from the band’s forthcoming release, as well as some from their previous one called The Sound of Splitting Atoms.

That Girl
The Kid With a Knife
If I Had Known

more info…
Official Site
iTunes – purchase
The Sound of Splitting Atoms

**If you want me to post a couple more tracks from Radiant, let me know.

Note: thanks to Taylor over at Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good (check it out, a favorite) all songs are mp3s now. No more m4a files.



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3 responses to “Radiant

  1. BravoBunny

    Yes!…more please!!

  2. Adam

    so i was just looking at your last post… you hadn’t heard of ordinary people? didn’t i send that one to you?yikes, i say.

  3. jeffro

    i love the chiming Edge-esque guitar goodness.

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