Pitty Sing

“And then it comes when it feels like we’re in love/Just remember we’re on drugs”

Plain and simple, Pitty Sing is a throwback to our favorite bands of the 80’s. Comparisons aren’t even necessary, you’ll just understand upon listening. This band has got charm and wit that makes them easily likeable to even the most jaded of popular music critics. The band’s pop sensibility teamed with their adeptness in regards to crafting mature, solid pop/rock songs is bound to carry them far. They’ve got this neo-new wave style pegged, and its bound to catch on with the masses (the radio) soon. Their debut, self-titled disc is a collection of songs so spellbinding and surreal that makes it simply too hard to pass up. I heard about these boys about a year ago when they got a brief mention by Chip. So, check him out here and here.

We’re On Drugs


more info…
Official Site

**Like what you hear? Let me know, I always consider posting more songs from the same band. So speak up.



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8 responses to “Pitty Sing

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  4. Rhiannon

    again, I LOVE it … my favorite is “Anyway”!!

  5. Anonymous

    They’re a really good band, had to special order their CD because no one was distributing it here up north.

  6. MyExBestFriend

    Another good one Liz!

  7. chip

    I really liked the EP that preceded the full length. Thought the full length was just okay. Saw them live at SXSW and, um, I walked out of there calling them “Pity Stink”. They were SO boring and looked like dears caught in headlights

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