“And you’ll be wrapped around my finger…”

I’m trying something different. It’s no doubt that the Police were one of the most influential bands of the past years 30, right? We all love them. Even if you don’t think you do – you do. Since, at least I hope, that everyone already has the crucial hits like “So Lonely”, “Every Breath You Take”, and “Wrapped Around Your Finger” (one of my most favorite songs of all time), I decided to bring you some updated versions of the classics. Covers, as it be. I can’t guarantee that you’ll listen to them more than once, but I can get you to try. Keep an open mind, for no one can negate the unfailing charm of Sting and his boys. However, you may just end up enjoying yourself! 3 0f the 4 tracks were taken from a disc put out by the Militia Group, a burgeoning label out in Los Angeles.

CopelandEvery Breath You Take
LimbeckSo Lonely (my favorite track of the 4)
Brazil- Wrapped Around Your Finger
Watashi Wa- Message In A Bottle

Good post, bad post? Let me hear it. I want to know if I should do more stuff like this… Also, want to hear more from those bands? (Limbeck or Copeland)



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2 responses to “Policia!

  1. Jeff

    you knowz i love me some Copeland!

  2. Dodge

    good stuff lizzy! what’s with the m4a files though? convert those puppies yo!

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