sunday rolls around

Visit Chris Strong to see more of his photography. He’s one of my favorites.

Again, Sunday rolls around and I leave you with five things to do!

1) Make sure to get yesterday’s downloads from Iko; the post wasn’t up too long. Like it? Let me know!
2) Download this mp3 of David Gray covering the Killers “Smile Like You Mean It.” I think it was posted just about everywhere, so you may have it. If you don’t – you must!
3) Check out rbally. Everything he posts is great, live shows especially. Right now he’s got up a whole set from Ryan Adams & the Cardinals.
4) Good new band from the UK called The Upper Room. Join their mailing list and you get to download like 8 songs. Download one through me here – Black and White (acoustic)
5) Chillax, it’s Sunday. Go to a movie, watch the Superbowl. That’s on my agenda.


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4 responses to “sunday rolls around

  1. Thomas

    I’m going to see The Upper Room supporting somebody. I forget who…

  2. Jennings

    Thanks for the shout . . . and I’ve been enjoying Come Pick Me Up since stumbling across it a few weeks ago.

  3. Dance Hall Hips

    yeah, i do have the entire cd.

  4. ourpeboritp!o!p!

    hi guys, any chance you can re-post the acoutic version of Balck and White…I just saw the video in their My Space and it was brilliant…just want to hear more…”pain pain pain pain pain…”cheers!Jessel

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