Sorry, things haven’t been working all too well on here today, but here we go…

“These are all I have/Rich dreams that I can’t afford”

These lads (and lady…) are from the UK. The sound you’re about to hear coming out of your speakers is very atypical compared to the region’s regular stock. In esssence, Iko is a breath of fresh air from the over-stylized and often over-produced music that has been so prevelant as of late. Kieran Scragg, the band’s songwriter and vocalist, is on a mission to push out the now perfunctory sounds of bands like Franz Ferdinand or The Strokes (who I am by no means knocking, just making a point) in favor of timeless songs that can endure far longer than the radio’s current trends. Kieran’s light and seemingly effeminate vocals complement perfectly the band’s sometimes, but not always, delicate acoustic arrangements. You can’t help but be drawn in by this band who, on the verge of their European release date, has a lot to look forward to.

I Am Zero

more info…
Official Site
Myspace (head here to download two additional tracks)
How to buy? Join the band’s mailing list to order an advance copy.

**Any reactions? It’s really hard for me to tell if you guys actually dig what I’m posting. It would help, tremendously!



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3 responses to “Iko

  1. Rhiannon

    You were right, I LOVE it! Another great post 🙂

  2. Martha Hari

    i really like your blog, read it almost every day. you got some really good stuff. iko is one of my favourites so far.keep it up!

  3. smalltimer

    hey liz!!!thank you very much for putting up the songs again. i am really grateful!! iko is a awesome band.well, if you havent guessed it, its the same guy who bothered you with emails about how his system crashed and he lost all the iko songs he had 🙂do keep up this wonderful blog.cheers

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