changed my mind…

Jason Bateman related? No, I’ve just recently fallen in love with him. Anyways, I changed my mind. I’m saving my big post for tomorrow. Until then…here’s a few random mp3’s I’ve thrown on the site for you. Some you might have, and some you wont…

The Marble Index – Not So Bright
Tim Fite – 45 Remedies
The Twilight Singers – Teenage Wristband
Whiskeytown – Tilt-a-Whirl

**thanks to someones help, i fixed the links. You can click to listen now without it automatically downloading!



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4 responses to “changed my mind…

  1. Anonymous

    Oh my Arrested Development. Fantastic, fantastic stuff.I could kiss you.

  2. Dodge

    Tim Fite Yeeeaaah!

  3. Lizzy

    I know, Dodge. Isn’t he great? can’t get enough

  4. MyExBestFriend

    Good stuff Lizzy! Thanks!

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