Jeremy Larson

“Feels like a far cry from all of the sunny days before…”

Jeremy Larson? Imagine if Coldplay, Keane and Ben Folds made mad passionate love and concieved a child… Wow. I’m totally kidding. Comparisons like that send me to my grave, I swear. I’ve seen a lot band bios as of late that employ that “technique.” Don’t. Not only does it make an ass out of the writer, but it makes an ass out the band as well. I don’t know why they’d want to subject themselves to ridicule that usually ensues. Anyways, this is completely besides the point. Today is Jeremy’s day. Take a look at the picture; Jeremy is a renaissance man. He is a technical and very educated musician. In fact, he’s classicaly trained. Much like I raved about with Long-View, every one of Jeremy’s songs has this inherent quality that just makes it sound BIG. To clarify, each track has this really anthemic, orchestral quality that brings Jeremy to a level high above what most of his contemporaries are capable of reaching. I know you’ll love the tracks, so help a brother out and buy a disc. I can tell this album could easily slide it’s way into being one of my favorite discs. The album truly is a breathtaking display of Larson’s ability to create something remarkable.

The Thief

A Neutral Conclusion

more info…
Official Site
Myspace – head here to download one more

**Good post? Should I stick to more unsigned stuff like this?



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4 responses to “Jeremy Larson

  1. Anonymous

    I’d like to download the Jeremy Larson songs, but the links don’t seem to be working. Can you help me out? -Anita

  2. Marcy Grant

    Jeremy Larson is really amazing. He played at my brothers wedding and he was just genuinely sweet guy, with an enormous amount of talent. check him out. he’s definately the next big thing. :]

  3. Anonymous

    im the man from the mountainwont cha come on upim the plowman in the valleywith a face full of mudyes i am stumbling and i know my car wont startyes i am fumblingand i know i play a bad guitargimme little drinkfrom your lovin cupjust one drinkand i’ll fall down drunk

  4. Dance Hall Hips

    i’ve got the new built to spill up on my site

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