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you in?

Does anybody want to help me with this? Like, someone who really really knows their stuff and would be down with posting every other day or so? More if you’d like even, that’s just a minimum. It just gets hard to post everyday with school and work on top of that. Leave a comment with your e-mail address if you’re interested…!



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I’m pretty busy this week, so sorry if I’m not completely attentive when it comes to posting. Therefore, I just decided to re-post my old Damnwells review. So for anyone new or who hasn’t caught on yet…I’m in love with this band. Look for a new band possibly tomorrow or for sure on Wednesday. I’m really excited about them.

“You just steal my broken faith/And put it back together…”

Alt-Country and Brooklyn, NY? It has never made much sense until now. Thanks to the Damnwells and their 2003 release “Bastards of the Beat,” the Manhattan counterpart is no longer only a haven for hipsters and the like. Although the band would find itself in good company among bands like Wilco, Whiskeytown (who drummer Steven Terry himself had a short but sweet run with) and the Replacements, it can’t be said that Brooklyn and it’s scene hasn’t left it’s mark on the band. The coexistence of the age-old roots rock of the south and the ever so popular indie rock that seems to be particularly alive in the Northeast these says has met its match. “Bastards of the Beat” is living proof that genre blending isn’t always a bust. The technical guitar playing of lead guitarist Dave Chernis and the smoky yet subtly smooth vocal stylings of songwriter Alex Dezen lift the Damnwells to levels far beyond anything most bands are capable of creating on their debut album. Not only does “Bastards of the Beat” reveal the musical chops of the band and it’s success with experimentation on tracks like “Star/Fool” and “Sleepsinging,” but also shows the band’s ability to bring the music back down to earth on less-produced, srtipped down songs such “ I Will Keep The Bad Things From You,” and the album’s standout track “Texas.” Dezen’s simple, albeit incredibly involved lyrics, emote a passion so strong and sincere that it is a wonder how more haven’t caught on. As long as the Damnwells continue to offer up genuine and innovative rock and roll music, they will continue to have my complete devotion.

The Damnwells – Sleepsinging (the band’s very good first single)
The Damnwells – Newborn History
The Damnwells – Star/Fool
The Damnwells – I Will Keep The Bad Things From You
(bringin’ it back down to earth)
The Damnwells – Texas (my absolute favorite song)

*I have previously delegated U2 as the best band of all time. Quite true. Since U2 is in a complete league of their own, I’ll state plainly and with no concerns that the Damnwells are my answer to that question dreaded by all music enthusiasts, “So who is your favorite band?”

more info…
Official Site
Myspace (3 new acoustic tracks, check them out)
iTunes – purchase link

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Whether it takes a backseat or is employed as a song’s only instrument, we all dig the sweet (or in some cases not so sweet…) sounds of the piano. I put up quite a variety of different tracks, some you’ve probably heard, and some I hope you haven’t. Most of it is good stuff for a Sunday, I suppose. Make sure to check out the Bad Plus “cover” or Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” It’s incredibly interesting.

The Fray – Hundred
The Bad Plus – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Jon McLaughlin – Anthem for American Teenagers
Dropping Daylight – Back to Nowhere
Something Corporate – She Paints Me Blue
John Legend – Ordinary People
Jamie Cullum – Catch the Sun
World Leader Pretend – Bang Theory

(As always, let me know if I you want me to feature a particular artist…)

Visit Mike over at Obscure Sound, a new blog.
He’s got a Charlatans track up, so he scores points me with me.

Also, take a gander at Dance Hall Hips.
I think Jon started blogging around the time I did, right Jon?


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Peter Adams

“When the iron city rusts and crumbles in the sea/Tiny dots and dying leaves will hover over me”

Peter Adams is 22. He is way ahead of the game. The stuff he is creating now is something you would expect to hear him play in a good five to ten years. The music in pretty intriguing, especially when you learn about how it came into existense. From Peter himself…

I record songs using guitar, violin, voice, sine waves and drum
samples. All my songs were produced in a bedroom studio that
is really just a computer, soundcard and microphone.

I dig the sine waves, Peter.

Thanks goes out to Geoff at over at The Ugly Couch for the heads up. Check it out, its cool pop culture zine that covers movies, music and has some original articles as well.

What do you guys think? Be on the lookout for this kid.


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Sondre Lerche

“Days that are over will not continue to last, if you try to construct the past.”

I’d love to be chummy with Sondre. He’s just that cool. Since he has a new disc coming out next month and it seems as though his new song “Minor Details” has been posted at various other blogs, I thought I’d take it upon myself to familiarize some of you with the rest of his stuff. For those of you that don’t already know, Sondre Lerche is a young Norwegian songwriter who has got a lot to offer up. He’s got this classicism that is infused into each and every one of his songs which will hopefully become apparent to you upon listening. Sondre’s main weapon of choice is his guitar, but the way he has employed the use of horns and keyboard effects (tasteful keyboard effects, mind you) make his second disc Two Way Monologue really worth delving into.

Sondre Lerche – Days That Are Over
Sondre Lerche – On The Tower
Sondre Lerche – It’s Our Job

more info…
Official Site

i’m putting you to work.
Seriously, the Aquarium Drunkard is such a posting stud. I love that blog. I’m all you blog regulars already know this site, but if you don’t – it’s the place to be. Last week he posted a set Ryan Adams & the Cardinals did for XM Radio. You must have it.
Ryan Adams & the Cardinals – XM Loft Sessions

Also, check out Michael over at a PLAGUE of angels in order to grab a couple extra Matt Mays tracks (he was on the alt-country mix…)


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Red House Painters

“When they come around, somehow they feel up and you feel down.”

This song is absolutely perfect.

It’s all you’ll need all day.

Red House Painters – Have You Forgotten

This is the version from the Vanilla Sky sountrack. The instrumentation (which is what makes this song so beautiful is starlky different than the original version found on Songs for a Blue Guitar. Mark Kozelek, you have my attention. Whos with me on this one?


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Disco Ensemble

Two posts in one day? It’ll be short. Just wanted you to get a quick taste of a band I’ve been into these past few days: Disco Ensemble. It’s different than what you’ll usuallty find here, but I’m all about variety. Anyways, they hail from Finland and I think they’re even making an appearance at SXSW (don’t hold me to that, I haven’t officially checked that out yet).

Disco Ensemble – We Might Fall Apart
Disco Ensemble – Masquerade
Disco Ensemble – Dynamite Days

Visit them here, check out their myspace, and make a purchase

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