World Leader Pretend

“God damn right/I’d never hurt a soul”

World Leader Pretend is our one great hope in regards to continued innovation in sound. Actually, I digress. There’s plenty out there to be hopeful for, and I try to bring you some of that music everyday. However, I do hold to that fact that listenable innovation has been lacking of as late. Let me explain. I think the ability to differentiate between ephemeral innovation and honest ingenuity in music is incredibly important. WLP makes music that will stick with me for years to come. They’ve got this remarkable ability to make their music instantly recognizable, but without sacrificing originality as it relates to each song they compose. Their debut (for a major label) album, Punches, is a multi –layered adventure in sound. Really, its like nothing you’ve ever heard. Sure, the band lists their influences (Jeff Buckley, U2, R.E.M). But I’m not sure one would be able to instantly recall these influences upon listening. The vocals are raw, and at some times even forced. Yet, they’re still beautiful. The instrumentation is complicated and heavy. It’s also some of the most inventive I’ve ever heard. I could even write you a novel about vocalist Keith Ferguson’s lyrics, but I’ll sum them up in one sentence. He has always got me saying, “Damn. I wish I wrote that.” The music of World Leader Pretend is ridiculously charming.

Tit For Tat
New Voices
Appassionato (nice little track)

more info…
Official Site
iTunes – purchase link

**Ok, I hope these boys get some kind of reaction



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6 responses to “World Leader Pretend

  1. Anonymous

    Is there any way you can put up tracks that can just be listened to instead of automatically downloaded? With all the hooha available on the interweb, hard drives get filled up so quickly these days… Maybe it has something to do with my computer, but every time I try to check out a track you’ve posted, it downloads it as a zip file. I’m on a mac, if that makes a difference. FYI, lovin’ on Love-Cars!

  2. CloseButNoPoo

    You are a music psychic. Everything I’ve listened to that you have recommened has become part of my group of favorites. I’m musically challenged, so your insight is especially useful.

  3. MyExBestFriend

    Lizzy,Hey “Tit for Tat” today indeed! I LOVE WLP, plus you posted a couple I don’t have. Love Ferguson’s voice. Great stuff – Thanks!

  4. Lizzy

    hey, i know, im trying to figure this out! i figure its annoying to not be able to just listen right away. Im on a mac too, using my idisk actually to post them. I really will try to figure it out. Nothing has been working as of now though!

  5. Lizzy

    ha!!! the above comment could be one of two people….

  6. Key Exchange

    as a friend of the band, i want to thank you for giving the boys some (well-deserved) recognition!!

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