quick plugs, quick notes

I know I’ve already posted today…but I’ve got a couple more things to say to anyone who is fairly new to the site…

I was in the car today and I was listening to that song I posted earlier by Spouse called “Are You Gonna Kiss Or Wave Goodbye.” Now, I don’t know why I’m so in love with it, but I am. So, I’m proposing…if you missed the post or failed to download that song, do so now. This may kick their post off the main page, but go into the archives and get it.

Ok. The Damnwells, again. “Texas” is my absolute favorite song and its beauty really is pretty overwhelming. If you get any song from this site at all, please let it be that one. They might be about 4 posts down. If you don’t believe me, someone said this earlier…

Anonymous said…

“Texas” is ridiculously gorgeous. I think I love this blog.

**check this site out as well. some cool guys from the UK who’ve been rather nice to me!


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  1. Trevor Jackson

    Word on Spouse. I’m partial to “Here Comes the Headache.”

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