“Everybody is falling down at your feet/Well, everybody but me.”

New York City. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Cliche, but so true. Apparently, Twin-A has been making a name for themselves in the area for quite some time. They play regular gigs at popular city venues like the Mercury Lounge, CBGB’s, and the Bowery Ballroom. Damn, last year they even scored themselves a slot at everyone’s favorite party, SXSW (someone please take me there…?). One thing that can be said for sure is that John Lardieri (the voice and mastermind behind the band) can rock the shit out of an acoustic guitar. However, on the band’s most recent oeuvre, Something Good, Lardieri ditches his acoustic in favor of a bigger, fuller and in most cases, more aurally aesthetic sound. He has even developed his own pattern of songwriting that is legitimately comparable to the way Sting used to build a song back when the Police were still everybody’s favorite band. It usually consists of fairly mild verses that act as the stepping stones to his lush, consistently anthemic choruses. You can’t help but like it. My only complaint is that Lardieri drives himself into a hole that I think is completely avoidable. He’s got a bad inferiority complex and it is a reoccuring theme throughout many of his songs. It leaves us (or at least me…) with a dilemma. It’s vaguely disheartening, and I’m not sure whether compassion is the best defense, or if Lardieri’s self esteem is so lacking that it gets a bit wearing. Either way, he keeps me fairly enthralled and I can’t wait to see what else he’ll pull out of his hat in the years to come. Lardieri, you have my attention. Sing me sweet, sir (he’s got a great voice, which is really something you must hear for yourself).

The Beautiful Ones (I hold this song in high esteem…)
Safety Net

more info…
Official Site

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2 responses to “Twin-A

  1. Dance Hall Hips

    thanks for reading my blog, and not calling me an asshole. i think everyone has the right to their own opinion. you voiced yours in a nice way, and had the guts to actually “sign in” when you commented. I love the name, Ryan Adams is my all-time favorite. I assume that’s what it’s in reference to. I’ll link your page on mine.-jon

  2. Dance Hall Hips

    hey. also. i can tell you how to make your pictures not link to themselves if you want.

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