“Feels like I’m in a mess all time/Save my soul from breaking…”

This is the band that sat upon numerous top album lists for 2005. And rightfully so. The band is building up a lot of steam. This is due in part to the release of the long time coming (believe you me) Tally of the Yes Men as well as the attention and fervent support the band has garnered from various websites, radio stations/programs, and even media supergiant FOX (the band recently had a song appear on an episode of the O.C. Really, what else do they need, right?). Goldspot and I actually have a long history, albeit unbeknownst to them. How I came across the band is a mystery, as is usually the case, but it was a good 2 or 3 years ago. I purchased their first EP, Beta, and fell in love with them soon after. With the disc I recieved a typed note from the manager (sent to all, I’m sure) saying the band would be working on a new record the following summer and it would be released soon thereafter. Good, I figured I’d have some new tracks in my hands rather quickly. Not the case. The next two years were spent waiting, and my patience was wearing thin. Finally, Tally of the Yes Men released…and we find ourselves in this current situation… Back to the point. The first EP, Beta, is somewhat of a treasure to me. Copies are no longer being sold, but I’m sure the band has plenty. Bother them if you really want one. If you are familiar with Goldspot’s new record, the change in direction they take between albums is easily discernable. Beta is far more guitar heavy, and dare I say a bit more involved and listener friendly, than any of the new tracks. I’m by no means knocking the new disc, I in fact like it very much. But, even the tracks that are carried over (“Friday” and “So Fast”) from Beta and onto Tally of the Yes Men are considerably different. The point is, the band’s older material is just as good, if not better, than their current material. I could be way off…any Goldspot enthusiasts here? Tell me if I’m wrong.

***Oh, and here’s fun little note. Former band member Chris K, who played on Beta, was the guy in the Coors Wingman commercial. “…taking one for the team so you’re buddy can live the dream…?” Hear it here.

Perfect Dream
Running Out

more info…
Official Site
iTunes – purchase link (*for Tally of the Yes Men, not Beta)

*sound off. newer tracks or older tracks; which are better?



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4 responses to “Goldspot

  1. Anonymous

    First of all, fantastic blog. I’m definitely no blog expert by any means, but I do have one small suggestion. I’ve noticed when most of the other blogs have samples to download, they have them in mp3 format, or even itunes m4p format. One reason I think a lot of people don’t comment under your posts is because they/we are lazy, and don’t want to download a .zip file, then have to unzip it, then listen to it. People just want to download and listen. Also, zipping an mp3 or m4a file really doesn’t save much space, because mp3 and m4a files are already heavily compressed. Just a suggestion. Keep up the great work!

  2. Lizzy

    hey! thanks for letting me know. I really am trying to work something out with that. I don’t even zip them myself. I actually load it onto my public mac account, and they do it automatically. So…I’m really not sure how to fix it. I hope its not too much of a bother, because I really want people to hear these songs!

  3. Fernando

    I plan to listen to the songs later and keep an open mind. However, I just can’t believe that these tunes would be better than the new album.“Friday”, “Rewind”, and “It’s Getting Old” are just great. And the live versions from KEXP are also great.

  4. Emil

    Great post…but if you like BETA, you need to check out MUSE… a song from their demo before Beta and Tally… Check it out here…

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