Mighty Six Ninety

“I dreamed I dreamt my life away.”

The Smiths reincarnated? Poor band. They probably hear it a lot. However, I can’t really imagine anybody being upset at the idea that they are fairly reminiscent of Morrissey and his crew. However, Mighty Six Ninety isn’t hiding behind anyone’s shadow. I sent this band to someone, and his exact words were, “These guys should be bigger.” Exactly. If we all come to our senses, I’m positive they will start getting noticed more so than they are at the present. In fact, England in particular has taken quite a liking to the band. They’ve been signed by City Rockers over in the UK and seem to spend more time over there than they do here. Nonetheless, the band calls LA home and it seems all too fitting. Besides some of that Manchester melancholy the Smith’s have so wonderfully familiarized us with, the band’s music is not completely devoid of any pop sensibility. Songs like “Leave This World” and “Northern Border” let the bright light of Los Angeles shine through invariably. Instead of capitalizing on the recent re-introduction of new wave into mainstream culture by ripping off the sounds of our favorite bands from the 80’s, Mighty Six Ninety classifies themselves as a band to be watched – closely. The musicianship is right on, the vocals are perfect, and shit…they’ve got style (very classy). I’m slightly infatuated and can’t wait for an official release. Let them know you love them, because we want a US tour…

Leave This World
Have You Ever Asked Yourself
Northern Border
Keeping You In Mind

more info…
Official Site

what do you guys think?



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3 responses to “Mighty Six Ninety

  1. molotov

    Yep, me again. I just found an MP3 by these guys from another site a couple days ago. Liked it a lot. Then I see that you’d already found them. Your blog is looking better and better…. (The last link doesn’t seem to be working, which is the only downside.)

  2. MyExBestFriend

    Lizzy,You were right. I listened and I liked – I’ll throw up a mention in my post tomorrow! Thanks for the email!

  3. Cameron

    Hey lizzy, dig the site, keep it up. Linked you.

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