Alternate Routes

“Time is a runaway/It’s coming for you…”

Just a nice bunch of boys from the Northeast. Tim Warren (far left, the voice) and Eric Donnelly (far right, the brains) formed the Alternate Routes back in 2002. The 4 songs below are from the band’s debut album The Good and the Reckless and True. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a pretty damn good debut album. The guys have some pretty extensive touring experience, both on the college and mid-size club circuit. They’ve played with the likes of Ari Hest, Marc Broussard, The Clarks, Carbon Leaf, Stephen Kellogg and more. Don’t let this fool you though. If you ask me, this band shouldn’t have been in the support slot. If more people were to climb on board with this band, they could easily fill a club as headliners. Anways, lets focus on the music. Its just good. Basically, they just have this really accessible mature pop/rock sound. They’re the kind of band you could heard on top 40 radio but not be ashamed of liking because its easy to recognize the great musicianship these boys possess. Also, Warren’s got pipes. His voice is incredible. I’ve seen them play live, and his voice is just as pure and strong as it on the album.

Time Is A Runaway (my personal favorite)
Endless Conversation

more info…
Official Site
iTunes – purchase link
or grab yourself a hard copy here

Dig this band? You know the drill, let me hear it.


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