“Why such a long lines at scary movies?/As if being scared is something we need.”

You know that band with the crazy name that has been floating around the internet these past few months? Halloween, Alaska? Yeah, my Minneapolis boys have been getting a lot of attention lately. Well warranted, that attention is. Many of you have probably heard of them. But, have you heard of the Love-Cars, another project of frontman James Diers? No. I’m here to enlighten you, because they’re just as good. They’re HA with less experimentation and more focus on lush, soaring guitar sounds. In essence, it’s a bit more melodic. However, less experimentation doesn’t mean no experimentation. Diers and the band provide just the right amount of each. As of now, the status of the band is kind of unknown. It seems as though they’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, especially since Halloween, Alaska has really taken off. Please, can you love it as much as me?

Friends (very good)
You & the Sound

more info…

Official Site

wait…but you haven’t heard Halloween, Alaska? Ok, here’s my favorite.


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  1. Rhiannon

    LOVE THEM! Good local pick … I was obsessed with their song “The Food Chain” when got one of their CDs awhile back.

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