I’m a sucker for alt-country (note the blog name). That’s why I bring to you Spouse. The band, who I believe to be from Masachussetts, is led by frontman Jose Ayerve. His voice makes me melt, for real. The vocals are just what you’d expect this kind of band to have. You’ll know when you hear it. Anyways, they’ve got quite a catalog of songs. I picked 4 from the most recent releases. Their influences, as professed by themselves, are bands like the Replacements (a personal favorite), the Pixies, and Pavement. Very fitting. You’ll definitely hear these influences in their music. The lyrics are great. Pretty simple, but they still get to you. Like in Sad Not Trashed, Ayerve sings, “Every angle of the mirror is a reflection of the clock, when we finally got our courage up we were both too fucked to talk, I hope you’re making it alright, I hope you’re taking it so hard, I hope you’re thinking on your feet, I hope you feel it all the time.” Simply put, I have a huge crush on this band.

Ballad of Terwilliger
Sad Not Trashed
Army Song
Are You Gonna Kiss Or Wave Goodbye?

more info…
Official Site
InSound – purchase link

Also, I’m thinking about making an alt-country mix for you guys. Good idea? Let me know, really.



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2 responses to “Spouse

  1. Sheri

    An alt-country mix would be wonderful.Great site by the way.

  2. gilbag

    I could use some help gathering quality alt-country

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