Sleeping At Last

Chicago (again, one of my favorite cities) band Sleeping At Last has got some musical chops like you wouldn’t believe, especially for being a relatively young band. They are no strangers to the major label scene. Their debut album Ghosts was released on Interscope Records back in 2003. They have since found themselves as “free agents”, if I may, and plan on recording a new record very soon here to be self-released. As far as the music goes, just think of them as a user friendly Radiohead. Really. They mix just the right amount of experimentation with fairly standard rock/pop instrumentation to create a really mature, yet accessible, sound. Fans of the Long-View stuff I posted…this would be probably be a good artist for you. Check them out, I chose 3 of my favorite songs from the album to post. I’ve also got a link for you to head over to another site to grab a new mp3 from the band. Dig it.

Say (the band’s first single)
Night Must End

  • also, head over here to grab a newer mp3 from the band

more info…
Official Site
iTunes – purchase link


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