Across the Pond

I just thought I’d post some bands from UK (because I myself am in love with anything European) who are either pretty new or not getting the attention they should be. Anyways, these are 4 bands I’ve been especially into as of late. Enjoy.

Team Salt
a really great, young Scottish band. Cool voice, interesting acoustic arrangements. I’d really like to hear some from this band.

A band from Sheffield, England. They’ve since broken up, which is a shame, because this band wrote some really fun songs.

Fields (not to be confused with Field Music)
I just recently found out about this band, and I’m really digging them. Cool, mellow pop sound.
They come from London and, interestingly enough, Rekjavik.

Hot Club de Paris
Great sound. Again, a very fun band. Comparable to the Arctic Monkey in style and sound.



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3 responses to “Across the Pond

  1. Anonymous

    Umlaut is great. It’s really to bad they are no longer.

  2. Cameron

    Dig the new site. Keep it up.

  3. Lawrence J Jasper

    umlaut suck haha

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