Dear and the Headlights

Dear and the Headlights are a very cool new band out of Tempe, AZ. Personally, I think they’re bound to do some great things. Interesting vocals sung over their own brand of indie rock. They guys are so very generous and have posted a series of 7 songs collected from previous demos on their pureVOLUME site. I’ve taken the time to upload them right to the site so you don’t have to venture over there. Pretty soon they’re heading into the studio to record their first full length album which should be ready for us sometime this spring. Enjoy the band, enjoy the tracks.

Sweet Talk (my personal favorite)
Run In The Front
Telemarket Mishap
It’s Gettin’ Easy
Mother, Make Me Golden

more info…
Official site



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2 responses to “Dear and the Headlights

  1. Anonymous

    Hey!I noticed you didn’t have any posts yet and I thought I should send something so you don’t give up as your blog is really cool. Keep it up!!! I run a site called and we were wondering, given your esoteric musical tastes, whether you would like to do a desert island discs for us. Its 10 albums and 20 songs with no overlaps. If you’re interested then email me at Anyways, keep goin with your blog, we’re gonna be recommending it on the site next week.Sam Unsted

  2. AJ

    I’ve heard the demo CDs, and these guys are pretty good. I’ve been waiting for their studio album now for about a year now. What gives?

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