I’ll take my chances.

It probably takes a special person to make an mp3 blog that is worth anyone’s time. I’ll take my chances. What do you want to hear? I’ve got it. I promise. I dig new music like its my job. I want to keep my first post short. So heres what you need to know:

The blog is named after my favorite Ryan Adam’s song.

I’m 19, I live right outside Minneapolis, and I want to be a music journalist or an A&R rep (keep dreaming, right?)

I’ve got loads of new music I want you to hear.

Matthew. These boys hail from one of my favorite cities, Chicago. Their debut cd came out on Rykodisk back in 2002. Unfortunately, they were dropped from Ryko. BUt don’t let label politics fool you, this band has their shit together. The disc, titled “Everybody Down,” is one of my favorites and it kills me that they didn’t pick up much more than a heavy local following. You can see what they’ve been doing lately by way of their Myspace page.

Matthew- Everybody Down


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  1. Anonymous

    Keep the dream alive! Who says you can’t be a music rep or write for Rolling Stone?

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