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World Leader Pretend

“God damn right/I’d never hurt a soul”

World Leader Pretend is our one great hope in regards to continued innovation in sound. Actually, I digress. There’s plenty out there to be hopeful for, and I try to bring you some of that music everyday. However, I do hold to that fact that listenable innovation has been lacking of as late. Let me explain. I think the ability to differentiate between ephemeral innovation and honest ingenuity in music is incredibly important. WLP makes music that will stick with me for years to come. They’ve got this remarkable ability to make their music instantly recognizable, but without sacrificing originality as it relates to each song they compose. Their debut (for a major label) album, Punches, is a multi –layered adventure in sound. Really, its like nothing you’ve ever heard. Sure, the band lists their influences (Jeff Buckley, U2, R.E.M). But I’m not sure one would be able to instantly recall these influences upon listening. The vocals are raw, and at some times even forced. Yet, they’re still beautiful. The instrumentation is complicated and heavy. It’s also some of the most inventive I’ve ever heard. I could even write you a novel about vocalist Keith Ferguson’s lyrics, but I’ll sum them up in one sentence. He has always got me saying, “Damn. I wish I wrote that.” The music of World Leader Pretend is ridiculously charming.

Tit For Tat
New Voices
Appassionato (nice little track)

more info…
Official Site
iTunes – purchase link

**Ok, I hope these boys get some kind of reaction



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quick plugs, quick notes

I know I’ve already posted today…but I’ve got a couple more things to say to anyone who is fairly new to the site…

I was in the car today and I was listening to that song I posted earlier by Spouse called “Are You Gonna Kiss Or Wave Goodbye.” Now, I don’t know why I’m so in love with it, but I am. So, I’m proposing…if you missed the post or failed to download that song, do so now. This may kick their post off the main page, but go into the archives and get it.

Ok. The Damnwells, again. “Texas” is my absolute favorite song and its beauty really is pretty overwhelming. If you get any song from this site at all, please let it be that one. They might be about 4 posts down. If you don’t believe me, someone said this earlier…

Anonymous said…

“Texas” is ridiculously gorgeous. I think I love this blog.

**check this site out as well. some cool guys from the UK who’ve been rather nice to me!

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Fear of Music

“Well life is a bitch but you’ll beat it/Until there’s nothing at all”

These kids are itching to get out of Manchester. With the music they’ve been creating at the ripe young ages of 17-19, their chances are good. In fact, they’re just about there. With a self-titled EP already under their belt, they are well on their way. Fear of Music has been getting press coverage from UK media giant NME and even got a coveted Glastonbury Festival gig. I’m impressed. Upon hearing their music, I’m sure you’ll feel the same. The music speaks volumes about their capabilities as, I’ll say it again, young kids. Don’t get me wrong, it’s straight up noise at some times. However, it’s directed noise. There’s a difference. Vocalist Jo, 17 years old, lists his influences as Radiohead, Nirvana, and Jeff Buckley. It’s all there (perhaps a bit less of the Buckley, though). He writes lyrics that are dying to be heard. So please hear them. I’ll admit, this band will either be a hit or miss for most people. But they’ve got a lot of talent, it is quite easy to recognize. If they’re already making waves now, I can’t imagine what a couple years of development will do for them. Just thought I’d mix it up a little.

Skin & Bones
The Waltz

more info…
Official Site
iTunes – purchase

Hit or miss?

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It’s Sunday, and I feel a bit under the weather. So, I’m going to leave you with a bunch of band and blog links.

Greater Good – signed by Lizard King big shot Martin Heath (the man behind the Killers…).
The Working Title – debut full length should be great.
Cameron McGill – Chicago style.
Surefire – young band from NYC. Loving them.
American Minor – a band from West Virigina. They should exactly like they should.

*I only posted official links. All the bands have myspace pages though, make sure to find them!

My Ex-Best Friend – just started, from LA. Always posting great bands and tracks!
Tommy Shots – Adam has got this great new blog (older than mine, though) concentrating on up and coming or unsigned acts the in UK. I’m in love…
Starfool – Chip’s been “blogging” forever, but this is a new one. He loves the Damnwells too, what else even matters?
Cameron Deyhle – older, very popular blog. I like it more than most though because he takes the time to do some writing as well.


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“Everybody is falling down at your feet/Well, everybody but me.”

New York City. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Cliche, but so true. Apparently, Twin-A has been making a name for themselves in the area for quite some time. They play regular gigs at popular city venues like the Mercury Lounge, CBGB’s, and the Bowery Ballroom. Damn, last year they even scored themselves a slot at everyone’s favorite party, SXSW (someone please take me there…?). One thing that can be said for sure is that John Lardieri (the voice and mastermind behind the band) can rock the shit out of an acoustic guitar. However, on the band’s most recent oeuvre, Something Good, Lardieri ditches his acoustic in favor of a bigger, fuller and in most cases, more aurally aesthetic sound. He has even developed his own pattern of songwriting that is legitimately comparable to the way Sting used to build a song back when the Police were still everybody’s favorite band. It usually consists of fairly mild verses that act as the stepping stones to his lush, consistently anthemic choruses. You can’t help but like it. My only complaint is that Lardieri drives himself into a hole that I think is completely avoidable. He’s got a bad inferiority complex and it is a reoccuring theme throughout many of his songs. It leaves us (or at least me…) with a dilemma. It’s vaguely disheartening, and I’m not sure whether compassion is the best defense, or if Lardieri’s self esteem is so lacking that it gets a bit wearing. Either way, he keeps me fairly enthralled and I can’t wait to see what else he’ll pull out of his hat in the years to come. Lardieri, you have my attention. Sing me sweet, sir (he’s got a great voice, which is really something you must hear for yourself).

The Beautiful Ones (I hold this song in high esteem…)
Safety Net

more info…
Official Site

***Did I do right by you with this band? Let me know!


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“Feels like I’m in a mess all time/Save my soul from breaking…”

This is the band that sat upon numerous top album lists for 2005. And rightfully so. The band is building up a lot of steam. This is due in part to the release of the long time coming (believe you me) Tally of the Yes Men as well as the attention and fervent support the band has garnered from various websites, radio stations/programs, and even media supergiant FOX (the band recently had a song appear on an episode of the O.C. Really, what else do they need, right?). Goldspot and I actually have a long history, albeit unbeknownst to them. How I came across the band is a mystery, as is usually the case, but it was a good 2 or 3 years ago. I purchased their first EP, Beta, and fell in love with them soon after. With the disc I recieved a typed note from the manager (sent to all, I’m sure) saying the band would be working on a new record the following summer and it would be released soon thereafter. Good, I figured I’d have some new tracks in my hands rather quickly. Not the case. The next two years were spent waiting, and my patience was wearing thin. Finally, Tally of the Yes Men released…and we find ourselves in this current situation… Back to the point. The first EP, Beta, is somewhat of a treasure to me. Copies are no longer being sold, but I’m sure the band has plenty. Bother them if you really want one. If you are familiar with Goldspot’s new record, the change in direction they take between albums is easily discernable. Beta is far more guitar heavy, and dare I say a bit more involved and listener friendly, than any of the new tracks. I’m by no means knocking the new disc, I in fact like it very much. But, even the tracks that are carried over (“Friday” and “So Fast”) from Beta and onto Tally of the Yes Men are considerably different. The point is, the band’s older material is just as good, if not better, than their current material. I could be way off…any Goldspot enthusiasts here? Tell me if I’m wrong.

***Oh, and here’s fun little note. Former band member Chris K, who played on Beta, was the guy in the Coors Wingman commercial. “…taking one for the team so you’re buddy can live the dream…?” Hear it here.

Perfect Dream
Running Out

more info…
Official Site
iTunes – purchase link (*for Tally of the Yes Men, not Beta)

*sound off. newer tracks or older tracks; which are better?


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Mighty Six Ninety

“I dreamed I dreamt my life away.”

The Smiths reincarnated? Poor band. They probably hear it a lot. However, I can’t really imagine anybody being upset at the idea that they are fairly reminiscent of Morrissey and his crew. However, Mighty Six Ninety isn’t hiding behind anyone’s shadow. I sent this band to someone, and his exact words were, “These guys should be bigger.” Exactly. If we all come to our senses, I’m positive they will start getting noticed more so than they are at the present. In fact, England in particular has taken quite a liking to the band. They’ve been signed by City Rockers over in the UK and seem to spend more time over there than they do here. Nonetheless, the band calls LA home and it seems all too fitting. Besides some of that Manchester melancholy the Smith’s have so wonderfully familiarized us with, the band’s music is not completely devoid of any pop sensibility. Songs like “Leave This World” and “Northern Border” let the bright light of Los Angeles shine through invariably. Instead of capitalizing on the recent re-introduction of new wave into mainstream culture by ripping off the sounds of our favorite bands from the 80’s, Mighty Six Ninety classifies themselves as a band to be watched – closely. The musicianship is right on, the vocals are perfect, and shit…they’ve got style (very classy). I’m slightly infatuated and can’t wait for an official release. Let them know you love them, because we want a US tour…

Leave This World
Have You Ever Asked Yourself
Northern Border
Keeping You In Mind

more info…
Official Site

what do you guys think?


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